There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!
— Abraham Kuyper

our mission

Our mission at Trinity Reformed Church of Martinsburg is summed up by our belief that the Lord Jesus Christ is the God not only of saving faith, but indeed the God of every aspect of our lives: our marriages, our parenting, our politics, our counseling, our businesses, our studies, our leisure, and all the rest. We believe that growing in faith means, in part, accepting with gratitude Christ's dominion over such aspects of our lives, and allowing Him to transform every part to maturity.

We are eager to take part in this maturation of both our own families and the Church universal through our work locally in Martinsburg; and we desire that neither our lives nor the lives of our fellow believers in Martinsburg should remain untouched in any area by the sovereignty of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that a full surrender to the sovereignty of Christ will manifest itself in regularly meeting and worshiping together; boldly proclaiming the Gospel of salvation to unbelievers; regularly reinforcing the covenant bonds of marriage and rejoicing in the divinely-appointed roles of both mother and father; raising children who are taught from infancy faithfulness to and belief in the covenant promises; striving together to provide a distinctly Christ-centric education for our children; and a renewed thankfulness and dedication in our work during the week, however mundane it may seem.